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35th Anniversary of CARE International Nepal


35th Anniversary of CARE International Nepal

Recent Events

April 3,2012

CARE Nepal organized the national retreat of its Women’s Forum from 1-3rd April 2012. It was a much awaited event and the first of its kind in the 35 year’s history of CARE Nepal.  Of the 60 women staff in the   organization, 55 had participated in the

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Annual Reports

It is a special edition of annual report for CARE-Nepal itself, since it is published at the time of 35th years’ celebration of CARE in Nepal. This report gives an overview of CARE Nepal's programs and interventions in 2012. It highlights number of beneficiaries reached during that period in different categories/themes through implementing 17 different projects throughout the country. It also covers few highlights of success stories from the field as well as financial overview of CARE-Nepal.

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EMPHASIS Newsletter Vol 7

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Recent Publications

Public Audit Practices - A Compilation of Case Stories

Until few years back, auditing was only looked on as a tool to maintain checks and balances in financial management. However, there has been a paradigm shift over the years in its meaning and the role. It is seen as a tool to promote transparency and accountability in development initiatives. Please go to this link ( to download complete file.

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