Made by Women Project

CARE Nepal has been implementing Made by Women (MbW) initiative since 2018 with an aim to contribute to CARE's over-all framework of “dignified work” [RW1] for women working in informal sectors. MbW focuses advocacy on ILO 190 C ratification and supports the government to harmonize the national acts in-line with the convention. The project also supports creation of economic opportunities for poor and marginalized women.

CARE Nepal and its partner Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj (NMES) have formed 13 EKATA groups which comprises of women working in diverse informal sectors from squatter/slum communities around Kathmandu valley. Twelve EKATA group comprises of 20-25 landless and informal settler women working in the informal economy and 1 EKATA group has only 8 members due to availability of only 8 informal sector working women in identified cluster. Altogether there are 316 women engaged in 13 EKATA groups (NEMAS and CARE has compiled the database of all members enroll in 13 EKATA groups). NMES has its constituencies available in the identified cluster and this has been instrumental for reaching out to the targeted beneficiaries. Women who were already organized and engaged in existing women groups were facilitated by NMES to re-organize them into EKATA group. NMES also supported to women groups to set their different operation norms to ensure effective operation of EKATA group.