Humanitarian Partnership Platform (HPP) Pilot Initiative

CARE Nepal initiated HPP architecture to localize humanitarian response by strengthening capacities of local humanitarian responders and bringing them into a common platform. HPP also emphasizes collective advocacy for gender responsive and inclusive response. The members of the platform are supported to preposition themselves with Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPP) as per the local disaster context and policies which enables quick and efficient response during emergencies. Equally, CARE Nepal leadership is focused on institutional capacity building (policies, planning, structure, coordination and operation) to transform an existing vibrant Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) platform into an independent secretariat for localized and spontaneous response. HPP pilot was initiated in January 2020 with objectives to develop vibrant civil society network for coordinated, effective and timely preparedness and response in 5 districts of Far Western and Lumbini Provinces.

CARE Nepal initiated HPP pilot initiatives as a learning approach so as to contribute in locally-led and gender responsive emergency preparedness and response by strengthening capacities of and devolving power to local humanitarian actors including CSOs.