Nilkantha Pandey

Mr. Nilkantha Pandey is an environmental management professional and currently working as Interim Program Director at CARE Nepal. He has over 18 years of experience in the development and humanitarian sector. He has experience managing various projects and has strong technical expertise in Disaster Risk Reduction, environment management, multi hazard risk governance and gender responsive humanitarian response. With CARE, he has led various portfolios such as Impact at Scale advisor, thematic lead on Disaster Risk Reduction and Gender in Emergency, Emergency WASH team leader, Infrastructure development Officer and now working as interim program director. He represents the Senior Management Team of the CARE Nepal Country Office and is responsible for leading the Country Program Portfolio. He also represents CARE Nepal in various national platforms of emergency response such as Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) operation and Early Recovery Cluster and Cash Working Group. He has initiated the Humanitarian Partnership Platform (HPP) mechanism in Nepal with the principles of localization and mainly to strengthen humanitarian response and DRR effort at the ground and policy level. Mr. Pandey has also conducted research/investigation on risk modeling and risk sensitive land use planning. He has developed organizational long term program and Advocacy strategy of various CSOs in Nepal. He has also conducted study on DRR Works in Nepal in line with the nine minimum resilient characteristics. His other areas of expertise include project development, Policy Advocacy, Institution Building, participatory research and working with system actors for system level impacts and system orchestration.