Amendra Pokhrel

Amendra Pokhrel joined CARE Nepal in 2020 as the Business Development Coordinator and has been an SMT member and the fundraising lead of the organization since his joining. He was promoted to the position of Director of Business Development and Outreach in June 2023. He has been instrumental in successfully rolling out and overseeing effective implementation of CARE Nepal’s “Everyone is a fundraiser” campaign, resulting in an overall increase in the commitment of all staff to the fundraising work. Likewise, he is also credited with developing and executing systems and processes for conducting the organization’s business development activities in a more streamlined and systematic manner. Under his leadership, the organization has met and exceeded its fundraising targets every year and seen a steady rise in its annual operating budget. Before CARE Nepal, Amendra worked at Habitat for Humanity Nepal as Foundation, Organization and Institutions (FOI) Fundraising Specialist. He holds two master’s degrees in journalism and mass communication and political science and is currently working towards acquiring an EMBA degree. In his free time, he likes to read books, meditate and ponder over Sanskrit shlokas that shed light on the non-dual nature of the whole existence (Brahma), and offer a way out of attachments (maya) and path to liberation (moksha). He lives in Bhaktapur with his wife Neeta, 9-year-old daughter Reeva, and 5-year-old son Adweyt.