Rising From Ashes: Resilience, Unity, and Hope for a Village

In a small village called Dadagaun Kailashi Gaun, lives Gori Kumari Budha, a resilient woman with a heart as expansive as the challenges she faced. Gori belonged to a family of modest means, comprising her husband, two sons, a daughter-in-law, her own daughter, and a cherished grandchild.

Their home was among 14 others situated in the Madhyawarti forest area. Life there was both tenuous and demanding; the structures, fragile against the elements, held witness to the daily struggles of the residents. Gori, a 'sukumbasi,' had no land to call her own. The community's living situation was perilous due to its proximity to the jungle, vulnerable to human wildlife conflict.

Her role as a caregiver began with the delicate demands of tending to her young granddaughter, crafting nourishing meals and ensuring hygiene took precedence. While her daughter-in-law prepared food for the family, Gori tended to their buffalo, the provider of a modest income through the sale of its milk.

Life took an abrupt turn one fateful day when a fire ravaged through their dwellings, leaving Gori and her neighbors with nothing but charred remnants of their possessions. In the aftermath, KMJS Nepal and CARE Nepal swiftly offered a lifeline, delivering essential items in a coordinated effort along with the municipality.

"An organization has recently aided us in constructing block houses, yet it was during our direst moment that the assistance from CARE and KMJS in partnership the municipality carried an immeasurable value to me. After a devastating fire that originated in my home and destroyed all our belongings, leaving me with not even a single garment to cover myself and incinerating every kitchen utensil, the swift response from KMJS and Care was a beacon of hope. Within a mere 48 hours of the catastrophe, they provided us with vital essentials including Dignity Kits, Basic Shelter Kits, mosquito nets, and clothing, offering us not just material support, but a lifeline amidst our darkest hours." says Gori Kumari Budha

KMJS Nepal and CARE Nepal, with their joint advocacy plan and rigorous standard operating procedures, continued to lend support and guidance. Their mission extended beyond immediate aid, delving into disaster resilience, gender equality, and advocating for social justice and equity in the face of adversities.

Anita Chaudhary, the Deputy Mayor of Madhuwan Municipality, says “The unity and collaborative effort, emphasizes the importance of a coordinated response to such crises. It highlights the evolving approach of providing not just immediate relief but empowering communities for sustainable recoveries.”

For Gori Kumari Budha and her community, these initiatives weren't just acts of charity. They represented a lifeline, a testament to resilience, and a collective endeavor to uplift lives and build a more sustainable future amidst the trials of their existence.