Sustaining Power: Women’s Struggles against contemporary backlash in South Asia’ (SuPWR)

Launched in January 2020, ‘Sustaining Power: Women’s Struggles against contemporary backlash in South Asia’ (SuPWR) is a five-year research project that aims to examine when, how, and why women’s power struggles in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan succeed in retaining power and sustaining their gains against backlash. SuPWR is a collaborative research project bringing together five leading organisations and a multi-disciplinary research team with deep in-country and conceptual expertise on women's rights and contemporary power struggles in South Asia.

SuPWR applies a unique approach based on utilising a variety of research methodologies. It explores 16 cases of women’s struggles, four in each of the countries. CARE Nepal is leading the SuPWR project in Nepal and we work closely with four struggles; namely National Alliance for Women Human Rights Defenders (NAWHRD), Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj (NMES), Girls’ Rights Forum (GRF) and Jagriti Mahila Maha Sangh (JMMS), exploring the backlashes they face and the strategies they use against these backlashes, in their fight for safety and protection of women human rights workers, land and housing rights, recognition of sex work as dignified work and prevention of child marriage, respectively.

For more information: SuPWR - Sustaining Power