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Studies & Report
Publication Date Publication Title Details
2015-02-21 Evaluation of Enhancing Mobile Populations Access to HIV and AIDS Services, information and Support (EMPHASIS) Details
2015-02-21 Stories of harassment, violence and discrimination: migrant experiences between India, Nepal and Bangladesh Details
2015-02-21 Migrating through the Margins: An Anthropological Perspective of Bangladeshi Migrants in India Details
2015-02-21 A Qualitative study comparing the effects and outcomes of HIV-related interventions for Nepalese migrants – at source, transit and destination Details
2015-02-21 EMPHASIS End-Line Survey Report Details
2015-02-21 Emphasis Learning Series Towards Safety, Dignity and Better Health of Migrants Details
2015-02-21 Fighting HIV on all fronts: reducing vulnerability by targeting migrants, their spouses and families in source and destination countries Details
2015-02-21 The effects of an HIV and AIDS project on migrants at source and destination sites in Nepal, Bangladesh and India: findings from a quasi-experimental study Details
2015-02-21 Migration, Health and Dignity in South Asia Details
2015-02-21 An integrated approach to address mobile people€™s vulnerability to HIV and migration: EMPHASIS experiences in a nutshell Details
2015-02-21 Population mobility and HIV and AIDS: review of laws, policies and treaties between Bangladesh, Nepal and India Details
2015-02-21 Bangladeshi sailors – characteristics, working conditions and HIV and AIDS related vulnerabilities Details
2015-02-21 Pathways to health services Details
2015-02-21 Conflict-Affected Women€™s Perceptions of Psychosocial Well-Being Details
2015-02-20 Hariyo Ban Program - Internal Governance Tool Details
2015-02-20 Social Transformation Facilitation Manual Details
2015-02-20 Hariyo Ban Program GESI Mainstreaming Strategy Details
2015-02-20 Public Audit Case Stories compilation Details
2015-04-10 HBP VAAP Manual Details
2015-04-10 Integration of gender into forestry research - CIFOR Details
20 - 04 - 2015 UPR Booklet Details
24th April 2015 UPR Booklet Details
7th May 2015 Community Health Score Board Details
7th May 2015 Pregnancy Outcome Surveillence System and Verbal Autopsy Details
7th May 2015 Self Applied Technique for Quality health Details
3-Sep-2015 GESI mainstreaming in REDD+ training manual Details
14 October, 2015 Climate Change Local Adaptation Plans for Action at Daiji VDC Details
14 October, 2015 Climate Change Local Adaptation Plans for Action at Kamdi VDC Details
14 October, 2015 Local Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation Plan Details
02/11/2015 Report on Key Policy Message (SANKALPA Project) Details
19/01/2016 Success Stories from Unnati Project Details
23/03/2016 Preliminary Assessment for Piloting Payment for Ecosystem Services in Lamjung Details
30/03/2016 Reflecting the past - designing the future: The proceeding of reflective learning on social mobilization (Workshop proceeding) Details
25/04/2016 Framework for Strengthening Governance in Natural Resource Management Details
25/04/2016 Building Resilience through the Integration and Mainstreaming of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: Lessons from the Hariyo Ban Program in Nepal Details
26/04/2016 Perceptions and Engagement of the Private Sector in Urban Climate Resilience: A Case Study from western terai, Nepal Details
4th of July 2016 THE CULTURAL CONTEXT OF CHILD MARRIAGE IN NEPAL AND BANGLADESH: Finding from CARE's Tipping Point Project Community Participatory Analysis Details
27-7-2016 Hariyo Ban Project- Laligurans Community Forest Users Group, Nawalparasi-Community adaptation plans of action Details
1-8-2016 Hariyo Ban Project - Bramhasthani Buffer Zone Community Forest Users Group, Chitwan-Community adaptation plans of actio Details
1-8-2016 Hariyo Ban Project - Mahila Makhuwa Community Forest Users Group, Tanahun-Community adaptation plans of action Details
1-8-2016 Hariyo Ban Project- Chipleti Community Forest Users Group, Syangja-Community adaptation plans of action Details
1-8-2016 Hariyo Ban Project - Thulodhunga Community Forest Users Group, Kaski-Community adaptation plans of action Details
1-8-2016 Hariyo Ban Project - Community based natural resource management institutions in Nepal: Why the future needs women? Details
28/10/2016 Laborious Hands Details
28/10/2016 Pariwartan - Stories of Transformation Details
16-01-2017 UDAAN Case Stories Details