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From Subsistence to Commercial Farming

Chari Maya Kumal from Khoplang VDC in Gorkha District has been a farmer for the last three years. However, what she produced in her farm was only enough for consumption purposes.

“Our livelihood depended mainly on my husband’s pension because our farm never produced enough,” says Chari Maya.

Chari Maya’s situation reflects the practice adopted by thousands of people in Nepal. In Nepal, about 60% of the farmers depend on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods. On top of that, the earthquakes in 2015 have severely impacted the people making almost 1.4 million people food insecure.

Considering the aforementioned problems, CARE Nepal and its partners have been conducting various activities to improve the livelihoods of people in Gorkha District with the funding support from Taiwan ICDF. Women like Chari Maya received agriculture tools, seeds and trainings from CARE, so that she can use the knowledge, skills and tools to improve her livelihood.

As Chari Maya arranges the freshly picked cucumber in her shop, she tells, “We have already earned NRS 12,000 by selling these cucumber. She adds, “We still have about 3 quintals of cucumber that we can pick from our farm and sell it in the market.”

It is not only cucumber that Chari’s family is growing in her farm. With the support from CARE, Chari Maya is also growing chilies, bitter gourd, and onions. She is hopeful that these vegetables will sell for a good price in the local market.

With the additional money received from selling vegetables, Chari Maya plans to invest her earning in her granddaughter’s education. 

She says, “I am hopeful to save enough money by selling vegetables so that I can contribute to my granddaughter’s education.”

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